Teen in attempted home invasion says she was ready for suspect with gun

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A teenager says she was prepared to shoot when someone tried to break into her family home.

Word about this attempted home invasion has gotten around the Cypress neighborhood. Some neighbors say they're getting their guns ready too.

On the outside of Samantha Mayhue's Cypress home, there's plenty warning signs for criminals.

"It's not like we're trying to hide the fact that we have guns," Mayhue said. "I don't know who in their right mind would have the idea of coming in here."

But someone did, at about 3:30pm Wednesday. Mayhue said she heard someone trying to crack the code to her electronic front door lock.

From the inside, the 17-year-old gun enthusiast heard that alarm and went straight for her dad's Glock.

"I was going to pull the trigger and aim for the chest and keep pulling it until the 17 rounds out of my dad's Glock 19 was gone," Mayhue said.

Luckily, the alarm scared the would-be intruder away.

"Up until recently, things are going south. And things are going south fast," Mayhue said.

In just the last several months, more than half a dozen car break ins have occurred on Mayhue's street.

"They're worried about their home defense. They're worried about their safety," said Josh Vaskey at Hot Wells Shooting Range.

"Daddy taught me right. I wasn't afraid to do what I needed to do," Mayhue said.

Mayhue said she wants to be a tactical firearm trainer. Her Twitter description says it all: Not afraid to love a man and not afraid to shoot one either.
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