How businesses can deny service for those without masks

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As businesses begin reopening, some customers may wonder if it's possible to be denied service for not wearing a mask.

ABC13 spoke with an attorney about what rights guests have, as well as what rights businesses have when it comes to enforcing new mask rules.

The short answer is yes. Guests can be refused service, if a company requires a face covering to enter. Customers also have the right to go somewhere else.

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Can businesses deny you service if you don't wear a mask? Watch to find out.

"The owners of businesses definitely have a right to determine if they're going to require customers to have a mask or not. For example, if their employees were to get sick, and they didn't implement things that are contemporary under this circumstance like that, the employees could possibly have a claim against (the business) for not taking reasonable steps to keep everybody safe," said Attorney Tim Hootman.

He says this also extends to government entities. Hootman says you might have a case if you're unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons.

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