Uber requires masks for drivers and passengers due to coronavirus

As COVID-19 concerns continue to transform the future of travel, Uber is the latest company to announce new face covering requirements that the company plans to enforce, in part, through new face detection technology.

Riders and drivers are now required to wear a face mask. Also, you have to sit in the back. Front seat passengers are no longer allowed.

Before drivers start accepting rides, they will be required to complete a "Go Online Checklist" in the application. This list includes taking a photo of themselves wearing a face covering.

As passengers take what the company is calling their "second first trip" they will have to complete a checklist similar to drivers, but they will not need to take a photo of themselves wearing a face covering. Passengers must confirm that they are wearing a mask, agree to sit in the back and open windows for ventilation.

Uber plans to hold riders accountable by encouraging drivers to cancel trips without penalty if the rider isn't wearing a mask and through their already established two-way feedback system.

As of right now, Lyft has not announced any face mask requirements, but it's asking riders to adhere to state policies. In Texas, face coverings are a recommendation, but not a mandate.

And if you're heading out of town on a Greyhound bus, you now have to wear a mask while on board. Passengers are asked to bring their own, but extras will be available if you don't have one. Drivers and other staff are also required to wear masks, and buses are going through more frequent sanitation.


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