Moms use Facetime as a virtual babysitter

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Some mothers are using technology such as Facetime to 'virtually babysit' their children while they work nearby.

Even celebrities like Mila Kunis use virtual help while her baby is sleeping.

Kunis says, "We had my parents, who we're very lucky to live down the street, we have them do monitor sitting. The baby goes to sleep and they have to watch the monitor."

But Rafi Fletcher, 40, is using Facetime as a high tech helping hand to 'sit' with her two-year-old son.

She says, "Facetime helps me pretty much get those little chunks of time that I need. It usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour."

Fletcher says instead of plopping her son in front of the TV while she cleans the house she has out of state relatives keep an eye on him over Facetime.

She explains, "He's usually in the same room. So my line of sight to him is always available, I always see where he is."

Still she says there have been close calls. Her son was on the bed and almost rolled off but her sister cried out and alerted her, averting disaster.

While some moms call this a 'clever and creative solution,' others are quick to criticize it.

But psychologist Dr. Karen Stewart says using Facetime to help monitor your child is harmless unless you go too far.

The Dr. warns, "Do not leave the house. Grandma in Chicago cannot babysit your child in Los Angeles. I think this is a great opportunity to interact with your family but it's not a real babysitter. This is a babysitter for when you are in the next room, literally 10 feet away."

And Rafi Fletcher says that, as long as her son is happy, she'll keep doing it.
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