HOV and HOT lanes operated by METRO will reopen Monday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Starting on Monday, all HOV and HOT lanes operated by METRO will reopen.

Fares are still suspended and only the park and ride routes serving the Texas Medical Center are running.

Construction is coming along on the US-59 / 610 interchange, thanks to extended working hours for TxDOT crews. This weekend, you will see a total closure of the 610 West Loop Northbound and Southbound at US-59. It's a 24-hour closure from Sunday at 5 a.m. until Monday at 5 a.m. Detour to the feeder road.

You'll also see roadwork along the Gulf Freeway at Beltway 8. The ramps from I-45 going onto the South Beltway westbound will be shut down all weekend.

You can detour to the feeder.

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