Montgomery County residents 'frustrated' there are no testing sites in the area

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Montgomery County resident is taking the right precautions using gloves and masks, but he's angry because his county has yet to set up any testing sites for residents.

"I'm frustrated because it would be nice if I could get tested," said Fernando Martinez.

The 72-year-old said he was sick last week and had a high temperature.

"I didn't know if I had corona or not," said Martinez.

The Montgomery County Public Health District has received several questions regarding the lack of testing sites.

A statement on the district's website said it shares that frustration with residents and that it requested over a thousand COVID-19 test kits from the State of Texas the week of March 8. After some delay, the health department received six testing kits.

The public health district said its original equipment manufacturer was told that the state would consider sending more test kits in August.

"It's frustrating and we need to make it work," said another resident.

ABC13 reached out to the Texas Department of State Health Services and it denied saying it would consider sending kits in August.

They said 14 test kits were delivered March 10. An additional 50 were sent April 2 and 72 kits will be shipped April 14.

"We need to do everything we can to do testing," said a resident.

Montgomery County's health district said it will continue trying to secure tests.

In the meantime, residents should be aware that free screening and testing sites are available for anyone in the greater Houston area.
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