Avoid grocery stores by making your own baby food

With crowds and concerns about germs, you may be trying to avoid the grocery store these days.

If you have a baby at home, and don't want to run out for baby food, you can make some with simple ingredients already in your freezer. You just need a blender and ice cube trays for storage.

Steam a 16 oz bag of your frozen fruit or vegetables according to package instructions. Then add it to the blender with purified water, just enough to cover, but a little less than 8 ounces, typically. You will then blend it on high for one minute. Afterward, scrape down the sides of blender to make sure there are no large chunks. Allow mixture to cool, and then serve! You can freeze leftovers in ice cube trays.

Safety Tips:
If you have any questions, talk to your pediatrician about the best foods to serve your baby. But generally, if it's an ingredient in an age-appropriate baby food, it should be fine for your little one. When reheating the baby food, make sure it is not too hot! If you taste your baby's food along the way, use a fresh spoon to avoid bacterial growth and contamination.

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