City looks at closed hospital as possible location for overflow coronavirus care

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Mayor Turner says with increased testing, there are going to be more and more confirmed cases of coronavirus, which is why he's taking a look at hospitals like Kindred that can be a backup option to serve more people.

With cases now above 280 in the city and 900 in the greater Houston area, Mayor Turner says vacant hospitals could provide an extra layer of preparedness.

Kindred Hospital is one of several facilities being toured and considered for possible hospital overflow or emergency housing in case it's needed.

The hospital's lease is up on Tuesday, and as the mayor points out, Kindred would be ready to go quickly.

Mayor Turner says Kindred Hospital is equipped with 68 beds, 21 of which are ICU beds.

However, the overall capacity can be increased to 100 beds if needed.

As for the state, Governor Greg Abbott says the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas will be used for overflow hospital capacity in that area, with 250 beds and plenty of room to expand if necessary.

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