Coronavirus impact: Having a baby soon? There may be new restrictions on your birth plan due to COVID-19

FRESNO, Calif. -- After having three boys, Monica Borgas and her husband are excited to add a baby girl to their growing family.

Borgas will soon be 25 weeks pregnant, and though she's excited to have a daughter, she also has some new worries.

"I'm anxious to bring a newborn baby into the world because I don't know if in July COVID-19 is going to be gone," she says.

Hospitals like Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno, Calif. are imposing new guidelines, which include visitor restrictions.

Doctors say there are some new rules in place for pregnant women as well, starting with their regular check-ups.

"We're decreasing the number of appointments to minimize exposure. Policies before where your partner could come in, now it's just the mother there to minimize exposures," says Dr. Angela Hernandez.

Doctors with UCSF Fresno and Community Regional Medical Center say there are also new guidelines when it comes to delivery.

"We have a one-visitor rule to people in labor instead of 3 people inside," says Hernandez.

Borjas plans to give birth at St. Agnes Hospital in northeast Fresno, Calif. and says not having her husband in the delivery room would be devastating.

"I want my husband in there with me, and the thought of not having him in there with me makes like really sad, especially it being our first girl," she says.

New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines are advising hospitals to separate new moms with COVID-19 from their newborns for nearly two weeks.

Borjas says she's not taking any chances as she hasn't left her home in two weeks to stay healthy and is considering other birthing options.

"I've joked with my husband saying I'll just have to have a water birth in our backyard to avoid the hospital. I've thought about it; we haven't decided what to do," she says.

Doctors advise pregnant women to continuously check in with their doctors to stay up to date on any changes to their birth plan.
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