Walmart to add sneeze guards to keep customers, workers safe from COVID-19

Walmart and Target are the latest stores to try and make the shopping experience safer, announcing new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Target is keeping people six feet apart by marking the floor showing people where to stand and asking them to wait to be called to check out. Workers want to wipe down the check-out lanes between each guest. They will not let customers use reusable bags for right now and they are also not allowing exchanges and returns. Shoppers in the San Francisco Bay Area noticed and appreciated the extra measures but also said it gave them pause.

Shopper Josh Ehling of Walnut Creek, Calif. said he appreciated the efforts but also called them worrisome, saying they were a reminder of this grim situation.

Yolanda Escobar of Walnut Creek, Calif. said a Target employee offered hand sanitizer when she walked into the store. She was wearing a mask as she shopped and appreciated the extra layer of protection.

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Walmart also added floor decals at entrances, exits and checkout lanes to help customers judge the proper social distance from each other.

The retail giant is also installing plexiglass barriers at Walmart pharmacy lanes and Sam's Club will install the same sneeze and cough guards at registers over the next two to three weeks.

Other grocery stores around the country are taking similar measures.

Customers at H-E-B in Texas and Acme in the Northeast may already notice these barriers at check out.

Publix is installing plexiglass companywide at registers, customer service desks, and pharmacies. Kroger-owned chains are also planning to install sneeze guards.

As an extra precaution, the grocery store chain Meijer is to limit the use of reusable bags for Shop & Scan purchases only. Single-use plastic bags should be used for purchases at checkout lanes and self-checkout.

America's Largest Grocery Worker Union & Safeway have announced a $2 an hour raise for their employees during this busy time.

Target is also expanding its extra shopping time for the vulnerable like seniors and pregnant women. The first hour of every Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to those shoppers.
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