3 tips you may not have thought of when buying tickets

RodeoHouston has returned, and March Madness will soon follow.

They are two very different events, but both have one thing in common: People will need tickets, and that means scammers are on the prowl.

"I try to go straight to the venue if I can," Katie Kruger said.

Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned money, only to end up empty handed because you got scammed. If you pay a scammer for your tickets, there is almost no way to get your money back.

When it comes to buying her tickets for the rodeo, Kruger says she's always aware scammers might be out there.

"Usually, we buy from someone on a committee, so we know it's legit," Kruger told ABC13.

While Kruger won't use a third party vendor, her son Justin says he will, but after doing a little research.

"I'm more open to trying someone other than the direct vendor but only if they have a reputation you can check on," Justin said.

The Better Business Bureau has three more tips you may not have thought of for buying safe tickets.

Use a credit card: You have a better chance of getting your money back if the tickets turn out to be fake. Skip using a debit card, wire transfer or cash transaction.

Ignore pop-up advertisements: If you are looking on a valid site for tickets and an ad pops up, don't click right away. A lot of scammer sites are designed to target you with lower prices while you are shopping. Research the site before clicking.

Don't post your tickets to social media: Scammers can copy the barcode and steal your ticket without you knowing until you try to get into the event.

If you've already purchased your ticket and are unsure if it's valid, visit the venue before the event. Go to will call and have them inspect the ticket to see if it's fake or not.

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