Man shot to death in front of his wife

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A man is dead two others are in custody after an argument between a husband and his wife is confused for something more.

Pasadena homicide detectives say the victim was arguing with his wife while riding in their car Monday night near their home in the 500 block of Johnson Street. The wife stormed out of their car and began walking away. Another man, in a vehicle in front of them, thought the couple was coming after him so he followed them to their house.

Police say the two men got into a fist fight in front of the couple's home. The man threatened to return. When he did, authorities said he returned with his brother, who kicked the door down and began shooting.

The victim died on the scene. A family acquaintance who was driving by saw the entire incident.

Michael Martin said he decided to follow the suspects as they fled the scene of the crime all the way to their apartment complex. Once there, Martin called police who were later able to make an arrest.

Charges are pending against two men. The victim has not officially been identified by authorities.
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