NFL player calls on Alvin ISD student to help spread his cause

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- An Alvin ISD student's project to paint her jeans for homecoming turned into getting some big attention on social media and even caught the eye of an NFL player.

Teresa Sandoval loves to paint clothes.

"Basically anything, any article of clothing," she said.

She recently painted a pair of jeans with her favorite cartoon characters and a picture of the jeans she posted to social media went viral.

"After it went viral, I had notifications for four days straight," said Sandoval.

Friends and classmates at Shadow Creek High School in Pearland kept asking for her to paint their clothes. But it wasn't until an NFL player reached out to her when things got real.

"He was like, 'Can you paint a pair of cleats for me for My Cause, My Cleats?' I was like, 'Yes. Definitely. You're an NFL player. I'll do it for you.'"

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdez was so impressed by Sandoval's jeans, he asked her to paint his cleats for his 'My Cause, My Cleats' organization, which advocates for those suffering with mental health.

"The only reason I started painting them was because people were like, 'You can't do it. You're going to mess up his shoes,' So, I had to try it," said Sandoval.

At first, Sandoval didn't believe it was Valdez.

"I was looking through his profile, like, 'Is this really him? Is this a fan account?' But, no. It was real," she said.

Sandoval said the cleats were trickier to paint than the jeans, but said when an NFL player comes calling for your work, you answer.

She said, "I just thought it was cool because I hadn't been doing it long. It was the second thing I had painted, so I thought it was cool."

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