Boy who thought he was going to help grandpa treated to Texans playoff game

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A father-son moment before the Houston Texans comeback win over the Buffalo Bills will always stick with the dad who pulled off an epic surprise.

Ben Rushing won tickets to last Saturday's playoff game at NRG Stadium and decided to bring his 8-year-old son, Braden.

"We had a great, great time at the game," Braden recalled.

The game was nice, but what happened before is even better. Braden is a huge Texans fan.

"We've gone to Astros games," Ben said. "We've gone to Rockets games. He's never been to a Texans game."

That changed this past weekend. Braden thought he was going to help his grandfather with furniture.

"His eyes kind of went bug-eyed," Ben recalled. "It looks like he wasn't sure what he was looking at for a second."

Ben recorded the moment because he went to the trunk to grab his son a new Texans shirt.

In the video, Braden can be heard shouting, "Go Texans!"

"I was so happy for him," Ben said. "I was so happy we were able to share that moment and that game together."

The game was already memorable, but to this dad, this video made it so much better.

"Having that dad moment with my son was the highlight of that day," Ben explained. "It's a great game, you know. The crowd was pumped up. It was a really cool experience being in the stadium, but just being there with him was just the best part of that day."

It's a memory that already has dad thinking of other ways to surprise his son.
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