Man charged in dog park shooting appears in court

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Joseph Potts, the man charged with shooting a dog at a Clear Lake dog park in January, was in court today to face the charge against him.

Potts, 26, is charged with one count of cruelty to non-livestock animals.

Potts, who is a concealed handgun license holder, shot a dog on January 25.

The case was presented to the Harris County District Attorney's office and charges were filed on Monday.

But today, court documents reveal new alleged details about the shooting and what led to it.

One of the dog's owners, Karey Wilson, claims that she let her bull terrier, Diesel, roam the park without holding its leash. While she talked with another person at the park, she heard growling and when she turned, she claims she saw her dog being kicked by Potts and his wife.

Wilson claims she ran toward her dog and that's when she says she saw Potts shoot him.

Diesel was euthanized at a local animal hospital as a result of the shooting injuries, court papers show.

Potts claimed the animal threatened his family's safety and his two dogs. His wife, Jennifer Potts, claims she was afraid of being bitten and Diesel was snarling and sniping at their dogs.

However, a witness reportedly said the dogs - Diesel and Potts' dogs - looked "to be just playing." That witness told investigators he felt the shooting "was not necessary" and Potts "could have easily grabbed the (Diesel's) harness...until Diesel's owner could arrive."

Another witness says he saw what happened and also thought the dogs were playing, not fighting. That witness added that it did not appear that Potts nor his wife were in any danger.

Potts is out on $5,000 bond.
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