Video of driver feeding a pig a cookie becomes internet hit

BRADFORD, ME (KTRK) -- It wasn't a bull Jamie Smith came face to face with like in a Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial. Instead it was a partially snow-covered pig.

Smith told WABI-TV he thought he had come across some sort of large animal he didn't recognize, so like most people in this day in age would do, he pulled out his phone to document the encounter.

He then realized the mystery animal was a pig.

"Immediately he came around to pay me a visit at the window, we became friends right off," Smith said.

He offered him a cookie. The pig snorted his response and then ate the piece of cookie Smith threw on the ground.

Video of the encounter has since gone viral on YouTube.

It turns out the pig has a name, Buster, and he has owners as well. Stacey and Brian said the snow shut down Buster's electric fence which allowed him to roam the neighborhood.

"We're working on getting him a new fence. By the way, if anyone wants to donate to the Buster fund, we're happily taking donations here," the couple told the TV station.

Buster is treated like one of the family. He's invited to camp fires, gets to drink daiquiris in the Summer and even has his own Facebook page.

The couple said neighbors around Bradford now know who Buster is and will keep an eye out for him and maybe even feed him more cookies.
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