What your astrological sign says about your fashion sense

I'm always fascinated to see what horoscopes say about you. So I'm sharing insight from what one astrologer told "Vogue" about zodiac signs and clothes shopping.

When you were born may determine what you wear. See if you agree.

Right now, we're under the sign of Cancer. One astrologer recommends you stick with your romantic gut -- soft silhouettes with subtle blues, grays and whites.

Later this month, Leos take over. Leos like to dress up and don't bother telling them about the latest trends, they are fashion forward.

One astrologer believes Virgos prefer to dress conservatively. So you'll often find them wearing shift dresses and practical tops.

Libras are inspired by fast-paced fashion. They shift most of their budget to clothes to get the latest standout runway look.

Scorpios are a strong sign. You may find them more interested in the power from within rather than what they wear on the outside.

Sagittarius is said to be a sign that's over the top. They may go for flashy sequin dresses, and even wear jewelry to their favorite yoga class.

Capricorns are all about function. You might be able to spot them with tailored looks as well as basic tees and tight-fitting jeans.

Aquarius is the sign of independence. They see themselves as trendsetters. Their style is personal and they may go with unusual hair and makeup choices.

Pisces may stick with ethereal clothing, focusing on water colors like teal, blue and purple.

Aries tend to stick with bold outfits with flashy prints. They tend toward red and orange in their wardrobe.

Taurus shoppers love a good deal, but also like the finer things in life. So, they will hit up sales racks for items in silk, velvet and cashmere.

Gemini are considered the masters of accessorizing. They will mix and match with frequency.
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