How to get your favorite fruits and veggies for half the price at this local farmer's market

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking to find fresh fruit and vegetables while on a budget, Get Moving Houston Farmer's Market may be able to help.

The market provides discounted fruits and veggies for customers who sign up for their special programs.

For the past nine years, Get Moving Farmer's Market has brought farmers to the most underserved communities in Houston.

"We have special programs that help discount the prices of the fresh fruits and vegetables so they can purchase them if they need to," project manager for Get Moving Houston Farmer's Market, Brian Smith, said.

One of the market's biggest programs is the farmers market nutrition program with WIC.

"We're able to provide each WIC eligible person with a $30 voucher to shop at the farmers market," Smith said.

If a person has three eligible people in their household they'll receive $90 to spend at the market. While this is a one time benefit, there are other programs.

"We also have another program where we partner with the Dollar Harvest for the Dollar Up Program. With this program, you use your Lonestar or SNAP card, and if you have $10 we're able to double that by giving you $10 more so you can spend $20 at the market," Smith said.

The program caps off $20, so if you spend that much, they can match it, allowing you to spend $40 at the market.

Customers can sign up for any of these programs at the markets through September.

For more information on how to sign up and to find the locations, visit the website.
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