So Fresh Maids hiring now with $100 signing bonus and no experience needed

Who's Hiring in Houston goes behind the scenes to look at a company ready and willing to hire you. There's even $100 sign-on bonus!

So Fresh Maids is a residential and commercial cleaning company focusing on giving you back your time.

"We do all the tasks around the house that you don't have time to do or you don't want to do," said CEO and founder Christina Tegbe.

As the business continues to grow, So Fresh Maids is looking to hire right now even with little to no experience.

"What we always look for is someone with good character. You don't have to have a lot of cleaning experience because that can be taught," said Tegbe.

You can apply here.

For those of you who haven't even begun spring cleaning, Tegbe is sharing her secrets.

"If you're going for something on your own, vinegar and water can do wonders. If you need something little bit more hardcore, we really like Zepp products. You can get those from Home Depot and Lowe's," said Tegbe. "They have really good tile, toilet bowl acid cleaner, and soap scum."

Tegbe also says if you're trying to save time, start on the rooms that gather the most dirt and dust. This includes your kitchen and bathroom. They will take longer to clean than your bedroom and living room.

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