Parents say Channelview school didn't do anything about child's three broken fingers

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- Six-year-old Journie Goodman is wearing a pink cast after her parents, Jeffrie and Thyraneshia, say she fell from the monkey bars at B H Hamblen Elementary School and broke three fingers.

"I understand accidents happen," says Thyraneshia.

That's not what her parents aren't happy about, though. They say her daughter's teacher didn't do anything about it.

Thyraneshia says, "I have a problem not being notified."

Journie's parents say she was in school with her broken fingers for hours. It wasn't until Thyraneshia picked her up when she noticed the swelling and took her to the doctor.

"I'm not saying her fingers wouldn't have been broken, if you know, she would've called sooner, but I wish I could've helped my child sooner than when I did," says Thyraneshia.

Her father Jeffrie adds, "They totally missed the proper protocol in sending her to the nurse."

Thyraneshia said, "Out of the assistant principal's mouth and the school nurse they said themselves the teacher didn't follow the proper procedures."

The district told ABC13: "Channelview Independent School District officials were made aware of a playground injury at one of our elementary campuses. Due to the nature of the event and the right to privacy for the student, we cannot share specific details. We are in contact with the family to offer our support during this process."

All Journie's parents want is an apology.

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