Driver steals $7,600 before causing hit-and-run: Dentist

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- "Jugging" was not in Dr. Kurram Siddiqui's vocabulary until now.

Over the weekend, he was the latest victim where a suspect follows a person from a bank after the victim takes out a lot of money.

"I had just about $7,600," the Houston dentist said. "You feel violated and you keep thinking what could you have done differently."

He withdrew the money from his bank on the westside and his kids were with him that day as he ran errands.

"I drove about 25 to 30 minutes to my property, and parked on property," Siddiqui said.

He met up with his landscaper at one of his properties in The Heights, and in the morning hours just feet away from his car, he witnessed a hit-and-run.

"We heard a loud pop noise," he recalls. "Ten or so seconds later, we saw this car speed away and ran a stop sign, hit a car."

He describes having a funny feeling, so he walked back to his vehicle and then saw it had been broken into.

"There was glass over the seat, all over the floor," he said.

The cash was gone. He snapped a picture of a silver Buick sedan that caused the accident, and told police it was the driver that broke into his truck.

"They probably followed me from the bank," he said.

As a jugging victim he now knows what not to do, and said he's grateful for one thing.

He said, "I'm just happy the kids are safe and a blessing that I left (the money) in car" instead of carrying it in his pocket.

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