'Keep an eye on your kids': Firefighters rescue 3-year-old boy trapped in pool filter

SAN DIEGO, California (KTRK) -- A 3-year-old boy is home safe after getting trapped in a pool filter at an apartment complex.

Firefighters rescued the toddler who got stranded in an eight-inch opening Monday afternoon.

"When he went into the pool filter his knees had actually folded up in a kneeling position," San Diego fire captain Bill Waugaman said.

It took about an hour to free the child because firefighters had to break the concrete around the filter.

"It's very stressful any time you're rescuing a child or dealing with children because most of us are fathers. When a little boy starts crying we kinda work a little harder and work a little faster to make sure he's okay," Waugaman said.

Firefighters say this is a good reminder to watch your kids because they can fit just about anywhere.

"Keep an eye on your kids. Little kids like to get into everything, I know I did," Waugaman said.
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