Vanilla Ice arrested for home burglary

Robert Matthew VanWinkle, also known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, was arrested for connection in a home burglary, police say.

According to a press release from the Lantana Police Department in Florida, VanWinkle played a role in the burglary of a home where numerous items of furniture, a pool heater, bicycles, and other items were removed from a home currently going under foreclosure. VanWinkle is currently renovating the house adjacent to the foreclosed property where the items were stolen.

Police say they obtained a search warrant and found several of the stolen items in VanWinkle's residence. VanWinkle met with detectives at the Lantana Police Department to provide a sworn statement and was taken into custody. He has been charged with Burglary Residence and Grand theft, according to the press release.

VanWinkle rose to prominence as a rap star in the early 1990s with his hit single "Ice Ice Baby." Click here to see video of VanWinkle talking with ABC affiliate WBPF in Palm Springs about his home remodeling project.
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