High schooler with special needs nails long distance shot

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Kentucky (KTRK) -- Watch out, Steph Curry! A Kentucky teen is showing off his range on the court.

Travis Nash, a junior student with a disability, is the star of a viral video that showcases his epic shot.

In the video, Nash and other special education students are taking part in Campbellsville High School's annual integrated basketball game. The video begins with Nash getting the tip-off.

He then takes one bounce, winds up and sends the ball from just short of half court, all the way to the basket.

According to original poster of the viral video, the whole school turns out for the annual game. Nash is also a huge basketball fan.

"Every day, after lunch he is in the gym shooting. This is his go-to shot! So when he fired it up off the tip, the whole gym LOST IT," said Kenzi Forbis, who rightfully gave Nash internet stardom.

Since its posting on Sunday, the video has surpassed 64,000 views.
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