California man delivers his baby son in his own garage

UPLAND, CA -- An Upland man was forced to deliver his son in his own garage after the baby made a hasty entrance into the world.

At about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Vanessa and Hugo Chavez quickly gathered their two small children and got into the family SUV to head to the hospital. Just as they pulled out of the garage, Vanessa announced the baby wasn't waiting.

The contractions were already one minute apart and their hospital was about 10 miles away.

Hugo called 911, who told him to stop driving and wait for an ambulance.

"I thought, 'I don't want to do this in the streets,' so I drove back home," Hugo said.

As soon as he pulled into the garage, Vanessa's water broke. Hugo ran to the passenger side and delivered his own baby.

"It was really fast. He slid right out and I was able to catch him," Hugo said.

Vanessa and Hugo Chavez with their two young children (left). The proud parents with their newborn (right).

"Our two kids who were still strapped to their baby seats were just amazed at what was going on. They actually saw the whole thing," Hugo added.

Paramedics arrived and the family was taken to the hospital. Both the mom and the baby were said to be doing well.

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