Police called on Browns fan wildly celebrating trade in yard

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio (KTRK) -- Cleveland, long known as a professional sports black hole that has adversely affected its residents, have a lot to celebrate with the Browns acquiring superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

For one fan, though, the celebration was so animated and odd that the police had to be called, WJW reports.

Robert Stewart says officers visited him after a neighbor called 911. The neighbor heard Stewart screaming and saw him waving his arms in her front yard.

"I'm calling because there's someone out in front of our house. We just drove home and he's yelling and screaming and, like, flailing his arms," the neighbor, Corita Jackson, told dispatchers in a 911 call.

When officers arrived, Stewart explained to them why he was celebrating.

"'Oh, we got OBJ,'" Stewart recalled telling the officers. Then we dapped it up. Everything was all cool and they went back on about their day."

Stewart also recorded his odd celebration.

"We got Odell! We got Odell! We got, we got, we got Odell!" Stewart recorded.

The neighbors were able to talk about the strange encounter. Jackson recalled, "Then he asked me, 'Are you a Browns fan?' I was like, 'No, not really.' And he was like, well, he was celebrating the Browns' big win. I was like, 'Oh, did they play a game?' He's like, 'No,' they got Odell Beckham Jr. I was like, 'Oh, well congratulations."

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