'American Idol' hopeful from Houston tries for the 2nd time

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 25-year-old Houston native is competing on "American Idol" for the second time.

"This is my life," explained Courtney Penry. "Music is my life and the only thing I want to do."

Penry was 17 years old and obsessed with host Ryan Seacrest during her first season on the show.

"I do not love Ryan Seacrest anymore," she laughed. "I got married!"

Since she was voted off, Penry has graduated college and started taking vocal lessons.

"Courtney does not give up," explained vocal coach Winkie Ballas Jamail. "You know why? She can't, because it's who she is and it is inside of her."

"Toward the end of my pregnancy, she kept tossing and turning at the very end," said Courtney's mother Miklyn Provenzano. "I knew she was going to be high energy and she was."

See if the second time is the charm for Courtney. Watch American Idol on ABC13. Check next viewings here.

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