Man wants charged dropped after police issued no-knock raid

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As the fallout from the deadly Harding street drug raid widens, a father in the Third Ward says undercover Houston police narcotics officers never should have been at his door with a search warrant last October.

"They said 'Police! Search warrant,' and they ran up in here," 33-year-old Demetrius Proctor said.

On Monday, the Harris County District Attorney's Office announced its reviewing more than 800 cases tied to Officer Steven Bryant, including Proctor's case.

Bryant is one of two officers relieved of duty after the Jan. 28 raid that killed Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle at their home on Harding Street. Four officers were shot, including Officer Gerald Goines, who has also been relieved of duty.

According to court records, Bryant saw Proctor selling drugs. He obtained a "no-knock" search warrant, but after they broke Proctor'slock on his front door, and arrested him where he lives with his wife and kids, all they found were a few of Proctor's ecstasy pills.

"I was shocked. I was like, 'I'm going to jail for four pills," said Proctor, a father of three young children.

In total, the district attorney's office is reviewing more than 2000 cases because of questions swirling around the credibility of Bryant and his partner, Goines. Investigators believe Goines lied on the search warrant that led to the deadly Harding Street raid.

The DA's office informed Proctor's attorney late Tuesday afternoon that his case is now on hold. So far, two other cases have been dismissed.

"I think it should be dropped because they don't have any reason to run up in my house, because I don't sell any drugs or anything," Proctor said.

Proctor has an additional misdemeanor charge in Harris County. He is currently being charged with felony drug possession. His next court date is March 22.

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