Sugar Land singer could become your next 'American Idol'

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A Sugar Land man and "American Idol" contestant is heading to Hollywood and you might want to remember his name: Uché Ndubizu-Egwim-Okoli.

Actually, you only have to remember his stage name: Uché (pronounce ooh-chey).

"I feel like I'm my truest self when I'm on stage," he explained with a laugh. "I can be as extra as I want to be and you can't say nothing, because you bought the tickets and you wanted a show."

Uché is a 24-year-old actor, singer, and dancer. He's hoping his unique style will attract attention, and eventually, a record deal.

"Kill it, rock that confidence! Rock all the things that stand out and make you different," Uché said. "How are you going to lead if you're just like everybody else?"

Uché was featured on the season premiere of "American Idol" Sunday night. He initially received a "no" from judge Lionel Richie, but Richie had a change of heart after learning Uché aspires to sing like Prince.

"Houston, pay your phone bill because, if we need to start voting at some point, I need y'all to be ready," he laughed.

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