Texas representative proposes bill to end tolls on toll roads

A Texas representative has filed a House Bill that will end tolls on toll roads once they are paid off.

House Bill 436 was filed in November 2018 by representative Matt Shaheen from Plano.

"The government's job is to provide roads that are funded through existing tax structures, and historically the legislature has underfunded transportation causing the need for toll roads. With recent increases in transportation funding, Texas needs a strategy to rid our roadways of toll roads," Shaheen said in a statement.

HB 436 suggests the department "create subaccounts in the account for each project, system, or region."

If approved, the bill also proposes Texas become part of the state highway system.

The proposed bill was read during the Legislative session on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and then sent to its referred committee of transportation.

To follow the stages of the bill, click here.
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