Isaiah Edwards: Tough to stop in any sport

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- On the football field, Isaiah Edwards, big number 79 is a monster. The 6'8" and 360 pound Rice signee lead the Cougars in knockdowns last season.

On the hardwood, Edwards looks even bigger. Let's just say he fills up the paint. Cinco Ranch head coach Neil King was happy Edwards told him early he wanted to play this season, It gave Edwards a heads up on buying a super large uniform.

Edwards is intimidating on the court and he notices it,

"I'll be standing in the paint in a 2-3 zone watch. The point guard dribbles in the paint. He'll look up and look down and dribble back out," said Edwards. "It cracks me up."

Edwards will play offensive line at Rice and Owls head coach David Bailiff can't wait to see him in a Rice uniform.

"I've never seen a young man with this type size that's this athletic and he's fun to watch," said Bailff.

Basketball is actually Isaiah's first sport. He didn't play last year but his love of the game brought him back for his senior year. And his teammates love it.

Junior Tyrus Perez says, "At first, you wouldn't expect someone with that size to have that good of foot work, but he's a real good basketball player."

Cinco Ranch sophomore Jay Jay Chandler weighs 163 pounds. He can't believe Isaiah weighs 200 more than him.

"It's crazy," said Chandler.

The 23-3 Cougars are gearing up for the post-season. Edwards is enjoying what's left of his hoops career, unless the owls need an enforcer next season.
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