Caught on doorbell cam: Would-be burglar scared off by dogs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We've all seen package thieves being caught in the act on RING doorbell, but one northwest Houston family apparently didn't need it to stop a potential intruder.

All they needed was good ol' fashioned pooch power.

Eyewitness News received the RING doorbell video from January 23rd, in hopes of spreading the word and getting the guy in it off the street. The surveillance shows a man walk up and attempt to turn the doorknob of an Oak Forest home. It wasn't locked and the homeowner was there, but thankfully, the crook didn't make it far.

Why? The family's Staffordshire bull terriers weren't having it. They're rescue pups from the Dallas Humane Society and certainly earned their keep that day. We showed the video to Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen.

"We don't know what his intention was. I can tell you that most of those home burglaries happen during the day, during the week, because people are away at work," he explained.

Thing is, this homeowner and her husband did everything in their power to keep bad people away. They've got several ring doorbell cameras, extra illumination, even a security company sign in the front. All of those are highly suggested by law enforcement. Something else that helps?

"Putting up 'beware of dog' genuinely works. It does, because of course, a crook doesn't want to encounter a mean dog. Usually, people who put up beware of dog usually means you've got a dog that actually, probably bites," Rosen continued.

Keeping your doors locked at all times, talking to your neighbors about crime and days you'll be out of town, and lighting also top the list. Bottom line: don't let your guard down.

"Look around. Let the crooks know that you're watching, that you're aware, and that you're aware of the surroundings of where you are."

The suspected intruder was seen driving a neon green Kia Soul with a racing stripe down the front. If you see him, call police.

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