Meet the man behind this Scooby Doo-inspired vehicle in Fresno

FRESNO, California -- Scooby Doo and the gang have packed into their iconic van "The Mystery Machine," and are patrolling the streets of Fresno.

Their next big adventure involves Tim Perry, the man behind the van.

"There is people that you might pull up to and they look like they might not be having a happy day and then they'll turn around, they see and they start laughing or throw up their thumbs and their kids are all happy. It is cool. I really enjoy driving it," Perry told Action News.

From its bright blue and green paint job to its psychedelic flowers, it turns heads wherever it goes and leaves people in awe.

"I've had a lot of people follow me home. I've had people turn around and drive another extra five miles just to go take a picture of it," Perry said.

It all started about four years ago with a 1973 Ford Econo Line van.

"It was up in Wonder Valley and this guy had it and I asked him four or five times if I could buy it from him and finally, he sold it to me," Perry said.

Perry would drive it around town and people kept on making the same comments, so he took their advice.

"I was driving it around and it was yellow and everybody said it looked like the Scooby Doo van and I told my friend about it and he painted it for me," Perry said.

Soon came the funky interior, some art pieces and other details.

After two and half years, the transformation was complete and "the Mystery Machine," was reborn.

Perry takes the van to community events as a form of giving back.

His next project includes painting a trailer with the same color scheme.

He wants to hook it up to the van and use it to give out free snow cones and other goodies to people at community events.

Eventually, he hopes to turn into a business.
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