Driver fights company over bill for wrongfully towed car

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Tow truck troubles come in many forms, but what can you do when your car is taken from in front of your home for no good reason and the company will not issue a refund?

Her car was towed away for backing into her parking space.

Condo rules said head in parking only, but when the tow company said they were in the wrong it was one the beginning of the fight.

For 36 years this is the way Vivienne Farden's car spent the night outside her west Houston Condo. It's never been a problem until the night of January 7.

"At five o'clock in the morning a neighbor came and knocked at my front door and H-Town towing had hooked my car up because I backed in," said Vivienne Farden.

She says she tried to tell the driver she owns the parking space but...

"I knocked on his window and said, 'what are you doing? This is private property.' "I don't care," said Farden.

She added she had to pay more than 225 dollars to get her car back. The company said the tow took place because Farden backed into her space, but that rule had been rescinded by the Home Owners Association.

Farden said H-Town towing promised to refund her money. But so far all she has is promises.

"I called again, nothing. I called twice not last week, but the week before nothing," said Farden.

So we called H-Town and a manager admitted a mistake was made and promised US the refund would be sent. That was three weeks ago.

"And it's you know, it's nothing," said Farden.

We called H-Town again today and were told the refund was reissued because something happened to the first one. We are told the new check is being issued, but Farden has heard that one before.

"I probably won't get my money back, but I want people to know, seniors, we are not going to sit back and take this kind of nonsense," said Farden.

H-Town says the check is in the mail, we'll let you know when it arrives. Did you know you can contest illegal tows here in Harris County? Here's a link with the information.

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