Toddlers thrown from window to escape burning home in north Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A baby is in the hospital after being rescued from a burning house in north Houston. The fire started early this morning at a house on Barkley at Castor.

Family members were home when the blaze broke out. According to the homeowner, her brother jumped out of a front window to escape the flames and a son-in-law broke a side window, then threw his two daughters out to safety.

"He broke and punched the window to get the little girls out," said neighbor Omar Sanchez. "Nothing mattered more.:

The girls are ages one and two. The one-year-old suffered some cuts and bruises, but is otherwise OK. The two-year-old daughter is in ICU, having received cuts to her stomach during the escape. She is expected be OK. The girls' father is alos in ICU but is expected to survive.

The woman's 13-year-old, who broke his way out to safety, says he woke up to find his whole house on fire.

"I couldn't breathe no more. I tried opening my door but it was locked and it was jammed," said 13-year-old fire victim Sostenes Briones. "So I got back and I grabbed a knife and I just stabbed it. The whole door ripped and busted into it."

The teen's mother says once he escaped the house he ran and screamed for help.

No word yet on what may have started the fire.
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