Pregnant mom saved by 4-year-old who called 911

KALAMAZOO, MI (KTRK) -- A four-year-old girl stepped up to call 911 while her mom --- who was nine months pregnant --- was in the midst of a seizure.

In a nearly 7-and-a-half-minute call with 911, Calise Manning alerted dispatchers that her mom, Centerria Manning, was having a seizure and gave them the address to her home in Kalamazoo.

Calise said on the call, "She's shaking and she's having a baby. My mom is really pregnant and she's having a boy and she really needs help."

Centerria says they started practicing the whole situation when Calise was just two years old. She said, "I was so proud of her because we practice and I (taught) her because I am epileptic. I (taught) her the address and my full name and things like that and how to dial 911."

Centerria went to the hospital and subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby boy, little TJ, early Friday morning.

Calise couldn't be prouder. "He's cute," she said. "I really love him."
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