Police support rally held in downtown Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- In the wake of protests across the country over officer-involved shootings, nationwide rallies Saturday hoped to show appreciation to the men and women who wear a badge.

Supporters of law enforcement gathered at city hall. It's called a 'Link in the Chain,' one of a number of rallies held around the country.

Members of the Thin Blue Line motorcycle club were among the dozens of law enforcement supporters who gathered at city hall. The rally was one of fifteen such rallies held at the same time around the country. The wife of one Houston police officer says the message here is simple.

"We're all connected, the brotherhood, the sisterhood, the Thin Blue Line, it's all one giant family," said organizer Shannon Howard. "And we just want them to know we're a link that chain of support."

Supporters say even though their rally didn't last all day, they hope their message will have a resounding impact in this community, and this certainly will not be the last event they plan.
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