Legal fight erupts over Texas Orchards' demise

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Known for its sprawling property off of 290 in Waller, families brought their children to Texas Orchards in Waller County to pick fresh fruit mostly for those peaches.

"Every year we came here they loved it," Gurmukh Jolly said.

In major debt, 74-year-old Krishan Magon had to sell his family's 82 acre ranch to pay off his bills.

"This was my main livelihood," Magon said.

Pipeline Company Tex Tube bought the land in 2010.

"They didn't have any use for the trees, they said that you can remove the trees, we don't want to buy the trees we want the land and the location," Magon said.

Magon claims he was promised he could keep the 12,000 fruit and landscape trees he planted on the property. He says he took care of the trees through 2011. Then one day he drove by and the trees were gone.

Magon is now suing Tex Tube for demolishing the trees. He planned on selling them to developers he used before.

"It's a shame they play dirty," Magon said.

Magon is asking for the money he hoped to make for his retirement.

"I hope justice works it was a lot my life savings," he said.
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