Couple questions why their dog was mistakenly euthanized

TAZEWELL COUNTY, Illinois -- A couple is seeking answers after an animal county office admits one of its workers mistakenly euthanized their dog.

When Tony Wang took a recent picture of his dog Moses, he had no idea it would be his last.

Weeks ago, a maintenance worker came into Wang's backyard unannounced.

Moses, attempting to protect his home, bit the worker.

The Wangs were ordered to take him to the Tazewell County Animal Control.

"They said that they would like to keep him for 10 days under quarantine just to make sure that everything was safe with him," Jennifer Wang said.

"So why did you still euthanize him? He said he was not thinking. I asked him again 'Could you have verified with somebody?' and he said he didn't wait to verify, he just went ahead and did it," Tony Wang said.

Tazewell County Animal Control said they regret the error and plan to review all of their policies so that this won't happen again.