Political dartboards raise eyebrows in Galveston

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- A dartboard adorned with the faces of Democrats set up outside a polling location has a young Republican group apologizing.

The activity was set up on Saturday outside the Galveston County Annex on Calder Rd in League City. People took aim at President Barack Obama, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and former Galveston County District Judge Susan Criss who resigned to run for State Representative, District 23.

The Young Republicans of Galveston County advertised it on its Facebook page and quickly received a lot of negative feedback.

"Elections are about debates between candidates and parties, about who can serve the people better. It shouldn't be about demonizing each other or bullying each other," Susan Criss told Eyewitness News.

Lloyd Criss, her father, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Galveston County, alerted Galveston County District Clerk Dwight Sullivan. According to Sullivan, the activity was more than 100 feet away from the polls and therefore, legal.

"In poor taste but not necessarily against the law," Sullivan said.

By Monday evening, the photo advertising the dartboard activity on the Young Republicans Facebook Page was replaced by this statement:

"We understand that people have been upset by our event this past weekend. We certainly intended no malice and do apologize to anyone who took offense, including Susan Criss. We do hope that she can accept our apology."

H. Scott Apley, President, Young Republicans of Galveston County
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