'FED UP': Aggressive approach against criminals urged after latest 'jugging' at W. Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- James Taylor is an apartment manager at the Bristol Court complex in west Houston who is sick and tired of crime in his area.

Taylor wants people to speak out, press charges, and be vigilant, especially after a daylight robbery in his complex parking lot.

Taylor showed Eyewitness News surveillance video of the robbery - a so-called "jugging" - where a dark sedan pulled into the gated lot and kept it open for a following van to enter the complex on South Course Drive. Moments later, the van pulled out with the alleged victim running after it. Her purse was stolen. The van got away, speeding through a stop sign, with the dark sedan following behind.

The police report revealed the woman was followed directly home from a nearby bank and grocery store. The apartment manager shared the video in hopes of making people more alert.

"The severity of this jugging incident scares me," said Taylor. "Because it could happen to anybody, and how are you going to be aware of it? And if we can make a little bit of information known - what kind of cars, what kind of action, what these people are doing - maybe people can protect themselves a little bit more."

The woman suffered minor injuries, but those suspects remain on the street. So far, there has been no luck catching any of them despite the video.

The victim, who asked us to protect her identity, showed us her injuries to her elbow and wrist. She said she doesn't want her money back, just her family's green cards and passports.

Taylor wants to alert people to how fast crimes can happen. It was near his complex in April that an attempted carjacking left a father and husband dead from a gunshot wound. Taylor fears so much crime happens because so many are afraid to report it.

"People have to be strong enough," he said. "Make a complaint to the police and also to press charges."

He urged people to watch their surroundings, which is something the Houston Police Department is echoing. HPD confirmed it is investigating the jugging and offers these tips:

Avoid distractions (e.g. cell phone, using earbuds); have your car keys ready as you approach your vehicle, look under, around, and inside your car for persons; Don't drive on "autopilot"; Watch your mirrors for any car that might be following; If you think someone is following you, do not go home. Drive to the nearest police, fire, or gas station.

Taylor is fed up. He wants to see criminals off the street.

"I carry a gun almost every day," he said. "That's pretty fed up. I didn't used to."

Click here for more about what HPD suggests you can do to reduce your risk of being robbed.

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