Rockets fans paying premium prices to witness Game 7 at Toyota Center

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Despite having to pay hundreds, some Rockets fans couldn't pass up the opportunity to miss Game 7.

The line outside the Toyota Center box office was steady Monday.

"Yeah, I mean it's costly," Kevin Xu said. "It's like 10 times as higher as normal, but I'm buying the cheapest one."

The Rockets box office said the cheapest seats are more than $300. If you want to sit close to the court, it costs thousands.

But to Bob Chao, paying $1,100 for two tickets was worth it.

"I don't have a chance to see this game in China," Chao said. "I see the global game every year. So this time, I travel to the U.S. and I come to see it."

The basketball fan saw the Rockets play overseas, but he says it was nothing compared to seeing them in the U.S. That was an experience he had Saturday night in Oakland.

"Oh my God," Chao said. "Amazing. It's really loud, the fans that were there. It's crazy."

While some fans are spending money for Monday night's game, others are waiting for the NBA Finals.

The Rockets won't sell tickets unless the team advances, but that doesn't mean you have to wait.

"In the secondary market, we have our tickets now for the Finals," Houston Ticket Store employee Kayla Ramsey said. "You can come in and place a deposit, or purchase them outright and we will deliver them right there."

Those tickets are going twice as high as Game 7. But to Chao, it's an experience he is willing to pay for.

"I still am here until the end of August," Chao said. "So that's why I have time to watch the final game as well."

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