Bullet narrowly misses baby in crib

MOORE, Oklahoma -- It was a stray bullet that traveled from half a mile away and narrowly missed an 18-month-old baby in a crib.

"About 1:30 I heard a loud noise. I went and looked around the living room all downstairs, looked out the front door to try to find out what it was, but I couldn't find anything," Andrea Johnson told KFOR-TV.

She went outside to look around but didn't see anything unusual.

Then she went upstairs to check on her baby, 18-month-old Axel.

"When I pulled his crib back is when I saw something on the ground. (I) bent down, picked it up and realized it was a bullet. That's when I just absolutely lost it," said Johnson.

Police said the bullet traveled through an outside wall, then through the high ceiling area in the living room and through a second interior wall.

The bullet was stopped a railing bar on the baby's crib.

Police said the bullet came from a high powered rifle fired by a man, who was allegedly intoxicated, from a half mile away.

As for where her baby will be sleeping in the near future, Johnson, said, " I don't know that I can ever put him back in his room because I have these memories now. My husband has been to war three different times. He's been shot at, but nothing as close as to as my son, a 1-year-old, who almost got shot by a bullet."