Man clinging to life after attempted suicide now charged with ex-girlfriend's murder

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Mother of three killed in apparent murder-attempted suicide.

Police have charged a man with murder for killing his girlfriend.

Michael Parker is accused of shooting 33-year-old Karkea Crenshaw.

He is alive, still in the hospital in critical condition after police say he tried to also take his own life.

The mother of three lived at the Spring Village Apartments on Chimney Rock with Parker and one of her kids.

Police say she tried to kick him out of the apartment Thursday when the violence erupted.

Detectives say she first called 911 around 7:30 a.m.

He left the apartment before police arrived.

They took a report for assault and got management to help change her locks.

But a few hours later when police were gone, Parker returned with a gun, kicked-in her door and fatally shot Crenshaw.

Today, the Houston Area Women's Center wants victims of violence to know they are here to help.

"In my experience, the abuse can escalate once the police have been called, so sometimes we're like 'why don't you call the police' but it can actually be dangerous," counselor Leticia Manzano said. "There are lots of factors here but again just to let other survivors know there is help, they are not alone."

Manzano says they often use a danger assessment to determine how likely it is an abused person will be killed.

It is a 'yes' or 'no' questionnaire available here. Some of the questions include: "Has the abuse escalated in the past year? Does he own a gun? Has he hit you while you were pregnant?"

In Crenshaw's case, Eyewitness News learned police had been called to her apartment before for family violence in December 2017.

Manzano says getting out of a relationship, even when you recognize it's dangerous, is not easy.

"Perpetrators will say 'I'm sorry, I won't do this again, I love you, give me another chance.' And as women we're brought up to be loving and give someone a second chance," she said.

Manzano is urging anyone being abused to take the danger assessment, because your life may depend on it.

The Houston Area Women's Center, which is located in the Montrose area, work daily to help women and men to get out of abusive relationships.

If you or someone you know needs help with a domestic violence situation, please contact the Houston Area Women's Center.
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