Family angry after video of girl's terrified reaction to Easter bunny goes viral

KISSIMMEE, Florida -- A video showing a little girl's sheer terror at seeing the Easter bunny has gone viral online, but the child's family doesn't find the video cute or funny.

In the video viewed millions of times online, 2-year-old Surai jumps out of her seat and screams continuously when she sees an adult in the bunny costume.

Surai's grandmother Mary Bryson-Robinson told WKMG that when she picked up her granddaughter from the "Around the World Learning Center" on Thursday, the center mentioned that Surai was afraid of the Easter bunny but didn't elaborate.

The video spread without the family's knowledge it even existed.

"My granddaughter looked petrified. Her face changed. It was not the same child that I dropped off that day," said Bryson-Robinson.

The family says the comments people have been leaving about the video have been heartbreaking.

"People use it as a racial thing. You know, black people are 'that' way. For a 2-year-old, it is just agony to go through," said Bryson-Robinson.

The daycare center says it is investigating the incident.