How did investigators crack the Austin bombing case? Experts weigh in

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Finding the Austin bombing suspect took weeks of work by hundreds of investigators from a number of agencies.

Experts say that cases like this can often take much longer to solve.

Much of the work that led to finally getting the bombing suspect Wednesday morning takes place behind the scenes.

A former Texas Ranger told ABC13 that the first clue was with the initial bombs not being sent through the mail. That provided clear evidence that the suspect was likely local.

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Then, with each subsequent case, more evidence is gathered. The biggest break in the case came when the suspect used FedEx, which provided a clear paper and digital trail. Our expert says the key to narrowing down the suspect is focusing on a pattern that serial criminals almost always have.

"As you have a second, third or fourth incident, you start doing away with the things that are different, and you start trying to connect the things that are the same," Tony Leal said. "And those lead to a pattern."

He said while every search engine or phone call can be traced, what breaks cases like these are traditional police work techniques.

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