Dollar store grocery items at a fraction of the cost

PHILADELPHIA -- There are many great finds for a buck or less at the Dollar Store - everything from toys to home decor to cleaning supplies.

Also, you may not have considered this but you can even knock off some of your supermarket food shopping at a deep discount.

Our friends at the Penny Hoarder have a new blog up called "Dollar Store Groceries aren't Gross" and they have a whole shopping list.

We start with the basics: Bread -- anything from sliced loaves and buns to tortillas and pizza crusts.

And then there are eggs and even cheese, they recommend the bricks that you slice.

Now, when it comes to cereal, they have some advice. Buy the 12-ounce boxes and don't be fooled by the mini boxes or bags of brand-name cereals. They write: "A 3-ounce package of Fruit Loops is going to cost you a lot more (by volume) than a normal-size box at full price."

They also recommend the dried pasta as well as the snack section, where you can find anything from chips and pretzels to candy and chocolates.

All of the name brands are a dollar or less resulting in a huge discount over other stores.

For the frozen section, you can find french fries, meats and even some frozen dinners and frozen pastries.

Don't forget the condiments where you can find mustard, mayo, soy sauce, sriracha and much more.

Also think spices, baking supplies and even cooking spray. There are so many pantry staples that can al be found at a fraction of the retail price.
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