Eat at the rodeo without busting your diet

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is known for its indulgent, fantastic foods, but what if you're trying to keep that New Year's resolution to eat well?

We had to seriously search for items that weren't dipped, fried, smothered or covered, but luckily, we had the help of an expert to steer us in the right direction, and we found some pretty tasty options.

We understand most rodeo fans are like Lupe Cazares, at the rodeo to eat and have a good time with his wife, Linda.

"It's once a year, so you can afford to be bad every once in a while, it's good," Lupe told ABC13.

However, in the spirit of healthy living, we hit the Rodeo Plaza, with wellness pro Terrick Smith, of F45 Training Pearland West. Smith recommended a turkey leg, which was smoked, not fried. We also ordered a baked potato with everything, on the side.

Here are some tips from Smith to avoid overeating:

Sit to eat your meal. Walking around with food on a stick can lead to mindless overeating.

Ask for all dips and sauces on the side. You won't likely use quite as much of those calorie-laden extras if you're just dipping into them instead of loading them on top of your food.

This last tip may seem crazy, but eat that turkey leg, or even sandwich, with a FORK! Smith says it takes a lot of work and time to cut your food into pieces, and that's why you're likely to eat less of it.

"When you come to the rodeo, sit down, enjoy your food, get a fork, sit with your friends, and try not to overeat," said Smith.

Away from the fried food, we discovered the salad bar called Green Fork. It's at the park year-round, but you may have missed it if you only visit for the rodeo. The vendor even serves a salad called "The Skinny" - a truly healthy option. You can find Green Fork in Reliant Center, Hall B. It's next to Papa John's if salad won't make everyone in your family happy.
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