Neighbors believe husband faked home invasion before wife's murder

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Eight years after a man told police home invaders killed his wife, he has now been charged with murder.

Mike Ulloa is currently in the Montgomery County Jail. A grand jury handed down the indictment earlier this week.

On December 21, 2009, Mike Ulloa and his 18-year-old step daughter ran to a neighbor's house, saying they were victims of a home invasion. Mike's wife Linda Ulloa, was found inside their home. She was dead.

Across the street, Linda Hinman always doubted that story.

"I think it was convenient where they both got free and got out of there, while she didn't," Hinman said. "She was the only one killed. They were all there, why didn't they kill all three?"

Neighbors aren't the only ones who doubted the invasion story.

Within the past few years, Mike Ulloa was charged with tampering with evidence. Investigators allege his blood was found on the sticky side of the duct tape on his wife's clothing, meaning he touched the tape before it was placed onto his wife. Over the years, detectives continued to gather evidence. Now, Ulloa is also charged with murder.

"It is an exceptionally long time, but the sheriff's department and we have been very deliberate and careful, in our thought processes and how we're going to go forward," said Montgomery County prosecutor Rob Freyer.

Court records show Ulloa's timeline of events that night never made sense to investigators.

"Defendant's statements and his version of events are fraught with inconsistencies ...(He) played an active role in the staging of the crime scene," the court records state.

"I think he killed her, that's my personal opinion but I always felt that way," Hinman said.

Ulloa's court appointed defense attorney told Eyewitness News he was too busy to comment on the case.

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