ABC13 Consumer Reporter Patricia Lopez tours her flooded Kingwood home

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- When the water recedes, the work of cleaning up after Harvey begins. But the first step of that long journey is the first step through the door.

ABC13's consumer reporter Patricia Lopez was a victim of the flooding, like so many of our friends and neighbors. When she was first able to take a look inside her Kingwood home, she brought our cameras.

Patricia wants viewers to know they're not alone in dealing with this historic, devastating flooding.

"Typically I'm on the other side of this, sharing that story of people who are suffering," she said. "I felt as a journalist I needed to tell my story too, because there are thousands of people that are going through the exact thing that I'm going through."

The home had about two to three feet of water inside, from the damage left behind to walls. Furniture was moved and appliances were toppled. A layer of mud covered the entire floor.

Patricia and her husband elevated what furniture they could in the rush to evacuate with their daughters.

"They have no clue," Patricia said. "We told them that our home was damaged, but they have no idea."

But most importantly, the family is safe.

"It's just stuff, but you work so hard for it," Patricia said. "This is where my kids feel safe, and right now it's not. But we'll get back on our feet, we will. It all has to be replaced. It's an inconvenience, that's what it is. It's money and financial, but we're lucky. We have family here that loves us and cares for us."

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